About Us

The Gateway-Unaweep Fire Department is dedicated to preserving the safety of the citizens in our communities. With our ever-expanding fleet of equipment, our dedicated volunteers, and constant vigilance, we respond to a wide variety of emergencies from fire to search and rescue.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and also a Special District adhering to the rules and regulations set forth by Colorado Special District Association statues pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute Title 32.

  • Response Area
    Our response area comprises much of the southern part of Mesa County, including the Dolores River and Gateway areas as well as Unaweep Canyon. We primarily service the town of Gateway and the residents of Cactus Park and of the Unaweep Canyon.
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  • Our Board
    Our Board members are elected to four year terms. When necessary, candidates appear on electoral ballots and are elected by all residents within our District who are registered to vote. Rules and regulations put forth by Colorado's Special District Association statutes are adhered to.
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  • Meeting Dates
    2017 Board Meeting Dates NOTICE: The fire department has changed its Board Meeting dates to the 4th Tuesday of every month to better accommodate our staff’s ability to attend Mesa County EMS and Fire leadership meetings.
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  • Gateway-Unaweep Fire Department Minutes
    2017 January 24, 2017 February 28, 2017 May 23, 2017 June 27, 2017 2016 January 26, 2016 February 23, 2016 March 22, 2016 April 26, 2016 May 24, 2016 August 23, 2016 September 27, 2016 October 25, 2016 November 21, 2016 December 13, 2016   2015 Jan. 20, 2015 Feb.
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  • Equipment
    Our mission with equipment is to house the minimum number of vehicles necessary to provide all-hazards response in our challenging district. We currently have eight vehicles in our fleet consisting of: Ambulance 121 - 2006 Ford Ambulance Brush 121 - 1970 AM General 2.
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  • History
    The Gateway and Whitewater areas have had a long and rich history, some of which has been vital even for the defense of our Country. From the decades-old Dynamite Shoot to current search and rescue events the Fire Department has been a part of many phases of this story.
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  • State Documents
    We comply with all rules and requirements set forth by Colorado Special District Association statues pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute Title 32.
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  • Public Notices and Forms
    Below are important public notices and forms - click on the title below to view.
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